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A clean and quaint village, PA offers refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. The condo of three bedrooms, rented together or separately and each with their own outside door, bathroom and kitchen, sleeps 12 altogether. On the ground, overlooking the marina entrance to the boardwalk and the ocean, the condo has a spectacular view of all the sailboats, motorboats and yachts going to and fro. Residents of the condo are entitled to exclusive access to Omni Beach and facilities.
Come on in!

Room 19 Room 19
On ground level facing the marina, room 19 is a midsized room with a poolside patio, lawnchairs included! The room comes fully furnished and includes a queen size bed, a large futon bed and a TV for VCR use only. A large bath/shower combination and other appliances such as a sink, a small refrigerator and a coffee pot help to make this your home away from home.

Room 20
The largest room, room 20 is on ground level and faces the marina. It comes fully furnished and features a queen size murphy bed, a queen size futon, a table and chairs. A large refrigerator, sink, microwave, bottled water cooler, toaster and coffee pot make for a versatile kitchen. A large bathroom and shower are provided as well as a spacious poolside porch complete with a picnic table and chairs. Satellite XM radio and a TV for VCR use are also included.
Room 20

Room 21 Room 21
The smallest of the three rooms, room 21 also lies on the ground level. It has two twin size beds, a queen size futon, a table and chairs. The kitchen consists of a hotplate, a mini refrigerator, a sink and a coffee pot. A large bathroom and shower top off this luxurious room.

Charges: Per Night Per Week Maid Service*
Room 19 $175 $800 $10
Room 20 $200 $1,000 $15
Room 21 $150 $650 $10
All Rooms $300 $1,850 $35
*Maid service charge per room required upon departure
Additional maid service available upon request
Extra linens and towels available upon request
The Boardwalk